Name: Domenico Castagna
Title: Sales Engineer
Country: Belgium

17.5 million euros. This is what our leading industrial customers in Belgium have saved thanks to ERIKS in 2017. Our cost saving effort started a few years ago, when € 6 million in savings were realized. In 2016, we managed to save € 12 million for our customers. In full 2017, we aim to reduce our customers’ costs by € 20 million.

All this was achieved with the ERIKS TCO² approach, or ‘TCO square’, a special service that was developed by ERIKS Belgium for its customers. TCO means Total cost of Ownership. When we reduce our customers’ TCO, we deliver cost savings and increase efficiency.


Companies always look for savings, but the focus is not always right. Cutting admin and logistical costs, bargaining down prices with suppliers and reducing inventories can save money. But they can also squeeze productivity. And some high hidden costs might stay unnoticed. But how do we avoid missing money-saving opportunities in the whole system of company processes?


With our TCO2 approach, ERIKS analyses the big picture with a full toolkit: on-site purchase and sourcing assistance, warehouse management, data cleansing, price contracting, individual e-commerce solutions and lots more. By being a multi-product specialist with extensive product knowledge, plus offering a range of technical and logistical services, we bring unique added value to our customers.


With ERIKS’ TCO2 analysis of customers’ assets, we can provide technical solutions that bring savings. We help our customers make more profit.

And there are many additional benefits, too, with proven results in sustainability, innovation, lifetime extension, prevention of future maintenance, increased productivity and reliability.