Name: Timo Unkauf
Title: Regional Key Account
Manager Automotive Segment
Country: Germany

We improved an important part of an existing manufacturing process so people can breathe clean air. We make their workplace healthier and contribute to the processing of exhaust air. That’s pretty cool,” says Timo. ERIKS is the national system partner in filtration for one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers. Timo and his colleagues ensure that workers in their biggest plant breathe clean air.


The car manufacturer was faced with increasingly strict requirements for air quality and related machinery maintenance. This included professional transport of exhaust air and fresh cleaned air for the plant to meet health and safety standards. The solution was to be delivered in the customer’s biggest plant in Germany.


Working with the customer, we created a combined long-term solution that helped the customer simplify maintenance processes and save costs – so they can concentrate on caring for the filtration machines and keeping the air clean every day without hiccups.

For example, we reduced the customer’s process costs by providing a “one order” option: the customer places one order and ERIKS deals with various suppliers and deliveries and organises maintenance. Likewise we reduced the customer’s working capital by handling and optimizing stocks for the machines.


ERIKS created a seamless experience for the customer throughout their whole production chain, and built trust with them. And the customer has since commissioned us to provide all filters and spare parts of the air processing machinery and to introduce the same combined best practice in many more plants – first in Germany and then worldwide.