Name: Gertjan Harder
Title: Team Leader of the Additive Manufacturing Team
Country: The Netherlands

“We help our industrial customers reap the benefits of new technological possibilities; such as welding robots, automatic production lines, and use of 3D printing. All these state-of-the-art technologies allow ERIKS to help customers save money, time and increase their quality”, says Gertjan Harder.

“What used to be science fiction is becoming reality today”. Gertjan and his team are part of an internal ERIKS startup that will make significant changes for companies thanks to ‘additive manufacturing’.


Our industrial customers want to stay ahead of their competition. They focus on improving their end product, but also on making their production facilities more efficient. Common problems in a factory are often related to sourcing, cost and availability of parts. What if spare parts could be obtained faster, at lower costs, with improved quality?


ERIKS is introducing a highly innovative production technique called ‘additive manufacturing’, in which parts can be produced on demand and with unlimited complexity or customisation. These parts are built up layer by layer, not requiring a mold, allowing for unlimited design freedom. We offer services to help MRO customers to proactively identify parts that can be digitised and made ready for printing on demand. We can also help to identify waste and defects in production processes and create fixtures to increase outputs. Aging assets? No problem; ERIKS can analyse for issues and easily create the parts that are needed to increase their lifetime.

 Additive manufacturing can also bring advantages to OEM customers, for whom development processes can be timely and costly. The concept we offer is a ‘one-stop-shop’ development process. ERIKS can advise in all steps including designing, prototyping, testing, and producing the final series; with an instant benefit of increasing quality, reducing costs of the parts and radical reduction of the time to market.


Our team in the Netherlands is now implementing the additive manufacturing service concepts with a number of customers. The results are promising, and we think many businesses can benefit from this new technology that combines our product and process knowledge with our entrepreneurial spirit. Additive manufacturing potentially brings many benefits in the various phases of the product life cycle. Some of these advantages are:

On demand solutions for spare parts.
Increasing number of iterations in development without high investments of time and money.
Customised solutions to inefficiencies in production processes

We invite industrial customers to learn more about additive manufacturing and let ERIKS help them to make their production more future proof.