Name: Malcolm Burgess
Title: Operations Manager for ERIKS Hose Technology
Country: UK & Ireland

Some of ERIKS’ customers have a huge impact on improving, and even saving, the lives of people in emergency situations. One of our clients is a major supplier of super-sized mobile power generators that often provide support during disaster relief. Deployment of these generators in remote places – for example hurricane affected zones – prevents power loss and can be an essential lifeline for those in need.

To ensure constant power supply, the generators need to work flawlessly. When a recurring hose seepage kept our customer’s generators from operating in complete working order during a time of need, ERIKS stepped in and was able to help. Malcolm Burgess and his team of specialists solved the customers’ problem. “We are proud of the innovative design, fast research, development and quick application of the new solution, so that our customer could ship the crucially needed generators on time. ERIKS keeps the lights on…and more!” says Malcolm.


If disaster strikes, a power loss is likely to occur, which could impact hospitals and emergency services that require electricity for their operation. At a time of peak demand, it is important to get the power back as soon as possible. This is where ERIKS’ customer comes in, who is able to transport their generators to the most remote places in the world, bringing back power to up to 5 million households.

The customer approached us with a problem. Because of a recurring seepage in the composite hoses, the generators did not function optimally. Leaking coolant could cause malfunction and posed a threat to health and safety. But despite its flaws, the customer had deemed the composite as the best choice for this application – thanks to its level of flexibility that other materials could not provide. The specialists of ERIKS offered to look for a better solution. The challenge was to find an alternative compound with the sufficient strength of steel and flexibility, six weeks before another large delivery of generators was due to be dispatched around the world.


In a race against the clock, our peoplestarted looking for an alternative hose material that would be sufficiently robust, flexible and able to withstand extreme conditions. Thanks to their know-how, the team deployed a special treatment that could be applied to stainless steel hoses, to increase their flexibility without compromising on strength. The ERIKS team wanted to ensure other forms of leakage were avoided, especially during replacements – so Manntek Dry Disconnect Couplings were used with the new hoses to ensure that the coolant could not escape during disconnection.


As a result, the customer was able to dispatch its generator units in perfect condition, within the allotted time frame – which would never have been met with the original hose design. With the new, innovative ERIKS hoses installed, the lifespan of these generators has been significantly improved. They can now run for longer without any issues. So when deployed in disaster zones, emergency services can focus on recovery without worrying about power loss. The long-term benefits to the customer and to the end-user are that the replacement hoses provided by ERIKS are more robust and less prone to failure, resulting in less downtime.