Name: Mirella Simons
Title: Teamleader Internal Sales – Flange Gaskets
Country: Belgium

A brand new clean manufacturing facility in Alkmaar allows ERIKS to bring more added value to a wider range of customers.

As product engineer for the food and pharma industries, Mirella is responsible for clean manufacturing and packaging: “We are thinking along with our customers. With our solutions, we help them reduce total cost of ownership.

We assure that they comply with the legislation and regulations EC1935 / 2004It and help them shorten their supply chain and lower costs. For some of our customers, clean production and packaging is a solution that takes the burden off their shoulders”.


Many industrial companies, especially those in highly specialised fields such as the semiconductor, pharma, or food industries need parts to be produced and packaged in an extremely clean atmosphere – without even the most microscopic traces of dust traceable. These parts are usually heavily customised, sourced at a diverse range of vendors and subsequently outsourced for 3rdparty cleaning and packaging. For many years now, ERIKS has been offering cleanroom services to its customers, but demand outgrew capacity and the process can still be made more efficient.


By introducing a super modern clean manufacturing and packaging facility in Alkmaar, we can both produce and package in completely clean conditions – assuring zero contamination to the customer. With 1000 m2, the new facility is a lot larger than the existing cleanroom, allowing us to dramatically increase our capacity. We can produce and package the seals in accordance with the applicable regulations. A traceability of the materials is also guaranteed.


The new cleanroom allows ERIKS Nederland to be a better problem solver for its customers, making their processes more efficient.  

It also makes ERIKS more future proof, giving us room to meet demand from new customers, who we can also help to save time and money. In addition, it strengthens our proposition as a multi-product specialist and one-stop-shop. There are other companies with cleanrooms, but ERIKS is the only one working with seven complete product lines and the large clean manufacturing facility.