Name: Noumen Caulfuty
Title: Key Account Manager
Country: France

When trying to improve safety, it’s important to choose quality products. Our hose solutions have a good reputation in the market, offering longer performance to save customers money, as well as features that benefit on-site safety. “In the chemical sector, safety is key”, says Noumen Caulfuty, Key Account Manager at ERIKS France.

“We are very proud to have gained the trust of an important chemical customer, who has assigned us to install new hose systems at its plants. We were able to successfully complete the job, thanks to the good coordination of our teams, our passion, specialism and the quality of our offer”.


Sometimes industrial companies are set in their ways, with processes based on how things were done for decades. Yet technology continues to develop and so do safety and quality standards. Existing solutions do not always comply; become inefficient, obsolete and even unsafe. To keep ahead of the market, every company must rethink its processes and equipment from time to time, and look for smarter and safer solutions. This was also a realisation of a leading chemical customer of ERIKS. Putting the safety of its people first, the customer decided to upgrade its plants in France. A key part of the plant upgrade process consisted of installing new hoses.


We started by improving the plants’ safety, installing new hose installations that comply with the latest industry standards in both safety and reliability. We did this by installing our own brand hoses, that offer higher durability and improved safety features. We further safeguarded durability and sustainability of the hoses by implementing some of our value-added services – such as our cloud-based hose management system.


By completing this project, we ensured the safe and high-quality installation of hoses across several chemical plants. Not only did we supply the high-quality hoses, but proper installation, advice and storage solution showcased ERIKS’ ability to deliver specialism and innovation. A great dedication to safety and going the extra mile to make things work in the best way possible. Our effort was also greatly appreciated by the customer.