Name: Roshani Patil
Title: Developer, Software Engineer
Country: The Netherlands

Roshani Patil, software engineer at ERIKS Digital: “We really are making industry more digital. It’s exciting to be a part of that change and to provide our customers with more convenient tools, to find solutions faster. I am, for example, very proud of the launch of our new ERIKS webshops in many countries – with smart solutions like various VAT calculators.”


In the past, ERIKS has been successful in many sectors – thanks to our passion for technology, specialist know-how and innovative approach. Now the world is changing, and we need to keep up. Our customers want us to offer them digital services and transact more digitally with them. To meet this demand and stay ahead of the game, we need to further develop and make a serious effort to become digital.


In the heart of Amsterdam, we founded ERIKS Digital, a central hub from where ideas that are generated, in the countries close to the customer, are developed into digital services and products that can be rolled out worldwide. In a dynamic tech environment, over 100 colleagues support and coordinate all digital initiatives, working together intensively with ERIKS colleagues from around the world.

One of the key focus areas for ERIKS Digital is improving e-commerce. By selling more catalog products via our online channels, our technical colleagues have more time to do what they do best: selling specialist solutions to customers with complex needs. Roshani and her colleagues are also working on a brand-new customer interaction platform called ERIKS Gateway, which will make it easier to contact us, allowing quick access to our product knowledge and digital workflows such as quote requests. Lastly, ERIKS Digital works on enabling ‘smart asset management’, in which data from sensored machines is used to see when maintenance is needed or even to predict when components will fail.


By digitising our products and services, we are creating a more seamless experience for our customers – reducing their downtime and making their processes more efficient. Digital products are easier to scale, so with our centralised digital approach, we allow more customers worldwide to benefit from these improved products. This gives them piece of mind and more time to focus on further refining their end product.