Name: Sophie De Geyter
Title: Technical Sales, Business Unit Flange Gaskets
Country: Belgium

Flange gaskets are spare parts that fulfil an unassuming, but crucial role in many industrial processes. And sometimes these humble parts can save the day. This is confirmed by Sophie De Geyter of the ERIKS Belgium Flange Gaskets Business unit: “As a technical sales person, I am involved in maintaining a business relationship with my customers.

We can help them by offering the best gaskets for their applications or by making gasket calculations.My job is not only about sales; I am very proud that we can solve and prevent problems – for example by giving training and advice to prevent leakage of difficult-to-close flanges.”


Planned – or worse – unplanned turnarounds or shutdowns of production are a necessary evil for any industrial company.They have a large impact on operations and costs, but they are essential to keep the site working efficiently and safely. The temporary shutdown of a production plant is always an enormous undertaking, as well as an extremely expensive one. With every hour lost for not using its production assets, a factory is losing money. No wonder companies put a lot of effort and planning into keeping these shutdowns as short as possible. When a large petrochemical plant planned a major maintenance shutdown, ERIKS was happy to extend a helping hand.


A major task during the shutdown was to check and replace a considerate amount of flange gaskets. We helped the customer to reduce downtime by delivering all the needed flange gaskets in the right time and place. Usually, in cases like these, the customer relies on many different suppliers and needs to coordinate among them. Thanks to ERIKS’ specialism, this customer did not need to contact anyone else. Our 24/7 assistance service and Quick Supply Flange Gasket manufacturing made a difference. By being able to supply the right item at the right time, we minimised downtime. On top of that, we were able to produce gaskets on a very short lead time to facilitate a smoother process.  In total, ERIKS delivered around 13 thousand gaskets in the shutdown period from March to May.


Thanks to excellent preparation and teamwork, working days, nights and weekends, our specialists ensured the customer didn’t waste a minute of its planned shutdown. Every member of the team contributed: internal and external sales, engineers, production, logistics – ensuring that the plant was back in business even sooner than expected.