Name: Marco Eerdhuijzen
Title: Cleanroom Team Leader
Country: the Netherlands

ERIKS’s cleanroom cleans products to ‘class 100’ standard, which is accepted by 90% of the industry. We use outgassing, which removes particles up to 0.5 µm – that’s one two-hundredths of the width of a human hair.

“As a leader of the cleanroom, I see every day as another great challenge.” says Marco. He and his team help our high tech customers to achieve their goals by ensuring an extremely clean lab environment.


In many industries, pollution – even airborne particles invisible to the naked eye – is dangerous. It can destroy products, cause systems and processes to fail or even endanger health. But pollution is everywhere. It comes from personnel, materials, buildings and machinery.

Regulations are becoming stricter and industry is doing more to control its processes for cleanliness. That also extends to the products they source.


Many companies need their sourced products and components cleaned and packed in an extremely clean environment. Even the air of the room must be void of the tiniest impure particles. The ERIKS cleanroom keeps the level of contamination with particles and/or micro-organisms under the strictest limits of regulations. We clean products using various methods: washing, ultrasonic baths, rinsing with demineralizer and clean packing. Rubber products are out-gassed using vacuum ovens.


Strict guidelines and prescribed procedures guarantee that our products are cleaned and packed under the best possible circumstances. With our cleanroom we make life easier for our customers, allowing them to focus on their core business. We help them comply with strict regulations, while also saving them time and money.