Name: Steve Brown
Title: Sales Manager
Country: USA

“We’re helping to provide supporting equipment to test the engines that will carry rockets to space. It’s always interesting to be part of the engineering of such high-tech applications,” says Steve Brown.

Space crafts, their engines and components must withstand extreme conditions that are way different and more challenging than those on earth.

And not only withstand them, they have to function well and reliably carry their loads, humans and equipment, through space. ERIKS worked with one of our manufacturers to develop an engineered solution for the engine testing facility.

Yes, we at ERIKS are helping our customer to further explore space – the final frontier.


Making a mistake in a space program is very costly. Therefore, thorough ground testing is critical to ensure flightworthiness. The customer needed valves for one of its largest rocket engine testing facilities, used by over 30 private and public companies from around the world. The components need to be able to perform under the most punishing conditions.


ERIKS partnered with Trimteck Manufacturing for this custom design project. Rawson/Regal Brown ultimately developed three special “Y” pattern valves for the testing facilities at the space center. Their Y shape makes them capable of withstanding immensely high pressure.


ERIKS received very positive feedback from our customer on our know-how and innovation. The valves we delivered were definitely up to the job, and this could well lead to more exciting projects for the space agency in the future.