Name: Stewart Royle
Title: Regional Engineering Manager
Country: UK

“I’m really proud of being able to contribute to the trains being on time and helping people to get where they need to be every day.”

Stewart Royle is the leader of the “Keeping the railway running” project. He and his team helped restore a railway pumping site to protect rails from flooding. By doing so they helped trains to be on time, saved commuters from danger and prevented frustration.


One of the pumping sites of a British railway company was experiencing frequent failures. When two of three pumps had failed, ERIKS’ engineers were called in. They observed that all the pumps were in a visibly poor condition, and that they were no longer supported by the OEM. The incumbent repairer manufactured components to keep the pumps running. This situation was giving the customer “sleepless nights”.


ERIKS’ specialists proposed a new, more robust pump solution. When we specified the new pump sets and explained all the features and benefits, we also offered to do the installation via our Engineering Workshop. The customer agreed to let ERIKS order and install the pumps. They were commissioned by the OEM, who offered this service free of charge due to their close working relationship with ERIKS.


Preventing the rails from flooding, not to mention the associated damages, and most importantly saving passengers from endangerment and the frustration of time loss – these are the results of ERIKS’ expert action. We are happy to say the pumps are all up and running and the customers have got their sleep back!