We are proud to be part of ERIKS.
We are proud to serve our industrial customers worldwide.
We help our customers to make their companies work better.
We make industry work better.

ERIKS is proud to be part of the SHV Family of Companies.

Over 50,000 people in 60 countries shape SHV, all sharing the same purpose:
Courage to care for generations to come.
This purpose statements reflects what we stand for. It is the glue that connects us.

Our shared SHV story is about people with the courage to care for what we do. How we do it. And the impact this has on others, on performance, and on the planet. Always looking ahead. Always moving forwards.

Our story will always be written by people with the courage to care about a better world for today. And a better tomorrow for generations to come.


To be successful for our customers and make industry work better, we apply the ERIKS Success Principles: Passion, Specialism and Innovation.

With our Passion, Specialism and Innovation we truly make a difference for our customers.

With our skills, know-how and expertise we make our customers work better, increasing their efficiency, performance and success. We continuously challenge both them and ourselves to improve.




Our passion is the pride we take in doing our job to the best of our abilities. Passion is about going the extra mile for our customers and leading by example. Passion is also about working together, sharing success and having fun.



Our specialism, our know-how, is the core of our business. This sets us apart from our competition. We are proud to be specialists with a deep understanding of technology – always curious, eager to learn more. This is how we can contribute to our customers’ success.



The world is changing and this brings great opportunity for ERIKS. We always strive to be in the lead, to create change that matters. That is why we are constantly looking to improve and finding new ways. We experiment, encourage different views and allow failure, because we know that this will lead to a better solution.

With our Passion, Specialism and Innovation we can truly make a difference for our customers and make their industry work better.